Steven Gerrard’s new gym is less than awesome for neighbors

Amid all the hype behind that the new construction in his backyard has created, Liverpool football club captain, Steven Gerrard finds repose in the cozy confine of his home. The gymnasium is a mammoth two-story construction, whose building took a good eight months to build. It’s got everything that one can imagine to have in an ideal gym. This includes changing and shower rooms, a pantry section, a treatment segment, and a plunge pool. The alleged problem that the neighbors are facing is the fact that the gymnasium – lavish as it maybe – is actually an eyesore with loads of debris of the construction fallen all over the place.

From the aerial view it almost looks as if it’s the size of the house itself. Steven Gerrard lives along with his wife, Alex Curran and the couple’s two children Lily Ella and Lexie.