Supermodel Naomi Campbell fled after assaulting her chauffeur

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is caught in yet another scandal, and she is the culprit this time too, as always. Naomi Campbell is reported to have slapped and punched her 27-year-old chauffeur while he was driving her around New York. 39-year old Miss Campbell was seated at the back of a black Cadillac Escalade when she allegedly flew into a rage and punched him. When the driver stopped his car to call the police, Miss Campbell jumped out of the Cadillac and fled on foot. The New York police have issued a harassment report, and it does not carry any penalty as nobody had witnessed what happened in the car the previous night. It has been suspected that Miss Campbell had become angry because she suspected the driver who had previously driven her Russian boyfriend Vladimir Doronin, for covering up his discretions a year ago when he was Doronin’s driver.

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The troubled model had previously been caught in various scandals, one of them being sent to jail for spitting on an officer at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal. In 2007, she was sentenced to a week’s community service for hurling a mobile phone at a maid in a New York Court. The authorities later said that the driver had decided not to pursue the matter, which means that Campbell will not face charges and will be running again.

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