Suri Cruise puts her best foot forward with a $150,000 shoe collection

She is five, but she is no short of a star in the world of fashion. Suri Cruise, the fruit of the love shared between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, has to her account a $150,000 show collection. Her collection even includes Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin’s custom-made designs, whom she’s a huge fan of. With the kind of fashion statement she has already been making, it won’t be a surprise that she will grow into a fine young stylish lady. Be it heels or flats or boots; this little girl has it all. Her favorite apparently is short heels, and she almost goes into a celebrity tantrum if the shoe she picks up doesn’t have one, and hence mother Katie is forced to have it custom-made. So much is her right to make her own decisions; she even helps pick out shoes for them.

This has a lot to do with the fact that they believe in the doctrine of the Church of Scientology allowing the child to think and act like an adult.

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