Swarovski crystal encrusted 3D glasses for Queen Elizabeth II

The blue blood folk’s a.k.a Royalty, are always given special treatment wherever they go. Take for instance Queen Elizabeth II’s recent trip to the Pinewood Toronto Studios in Canada. The 84-year old Queen got to witness a scene being filmed in 3D and then immediately watched it played back on a big projection screen. But if you think the Queen wore the usual 3D glasses to watch the scene, think again. The Queen was given a special pair of 3D glasses that were encrusted with Swarovski crystals! Talk about special treatment. Now did the bling distract the royal from watching the scene is something we do not know.

It looks like wherever the royalty goes, bling follows. Do we hear the Royals complaining? One look at the picture of the Queen in the blinged 3D glasses, and we can say she definitely ain’t complaining.
[TG Daily]

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