The perks of Instagramming – Adidas takes Kim Kardashian on a private Boeing 747 that costs $200k an hour

Kim Kardashian and beau Kanye West have been living the good life since forever! And in displaying the heights of their mega richness, Mrs. West recently decided to give us a sneak peek on their newest ride: a private 747 double decker Boeing plane! Yup, that’s right! The diva took to Instagram to show her followers just how awesome being a Kardashian truly is!

YouTube video

Dubbed as the “Yeezy floating office”, the plane is lavishly designed to take care of Kanye’s each and every breathing wish. The luxe, double decker air hub is capable of seating up to 300 people at once, although it has largely been converted into West’s private sleeping abode. It boasts of a luxury double bed suite, a sprawling marble bathroom, a lounge area or a “chill room” – as referred to by Kardashian, a dedicated dining area and guests rooms (yes, more than one!). Even for being perched high up into the clouds, the plane boasts of cushy furniture and an enviable décor of sorts!

Commenting on the private 747, Kardashian in her own video said, “No big deal just taking a private 747 this is how (Kanye) does it now. Only 747s.Private. I’ve never even heard of this but whatever.” The diva also mentioned that the plane was gifted to West by ‘Team Adidas’ in association with his Yeezy brand. Well, what I’d do to swap my life with the Kardashians!


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