Does the President of France has the most expensive hair dresser in the world?

So this is what’s been happening in France while termites seep into its soil and infect the nation with their poison killing hundreds of innocents. The government was having a bad hair day. Yea, pun intended. French President François Hollande is getting his hair ruffled by a lot of noise about the earnings of his hairdresser. This time, perhaps, he wouldn’t want a touch-up before he gives a “public statement” on this grave matter. Apparently, the man in question, one Monsieur Olivier Benhamou, earns more than the Mayor of Paris – per month – €9,895 ($11,000) a month.

The hairdresser, as identified by the investigative and satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné reportedly was hired at the same time President Hollande took office in 2012. The contract is signed until April 2017, when the president’s term ends. Unless there is a re-election, for which he still remains undecided. The salary is at par with ministers, and also the president who earns some €179,000 a year. An “ordinary” hairdresser draws an average salary of €1450, which is way unfit on the fairness scale.

One government spokesman was quoted as saying “Everyone has their hair done, don’t they? This hairdresser had to abandon his salon and he’s on tap 24 hours a day.” Just imagine. He had to abandon his salon. And what’s worse? He even missed “the births of his children” as he must be available at the beck and call of the president – 24-hours a day. Can you imagine the president having to make an announcement on a national emergency with one strand of hair standing up at 30 degrees off track? Blasphemy.

He has been trolling on Twitter, where Twitterati are going mental with morphed images of president Hollande. #coiffeurgate should give you all the meat.

[ Via : Theguardian ]

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