The price of safety? – Emma Watson hires ex NYPD officer as her new bodyguard for $148,000 a year

When you’re the youngest and highest paid starlet in Hollywood, everyone wants a piece of you. English beauty Emma Watson, learned this the hard way after falling victim to an uncomfortable encounter with an over-zealous fan on the sets of her latest film “Noah.”

Emma was reportedly left distressed and screaming when the fan slipped past studio security and landed up on the set. Filming was temporarily stalled following the incident.

Sources close to the actress claimed that she is constantly dealing with stalkers and the threat of kidnap and has finally decided to take some protective steps in the form of hiring a bodyguard – former New York Police Department officer Denise Morrone. Another unnamed source stated that Emma is never without Denise. Emma feels safe with Denise who accompanies the actress for professional as well as personal engagements; Denise is known to be discreet and give Emma plenty of freedom and space yet remain alert especially when the young actress is at dinners.

The price of such personalized protection? Denise is paid a staggering £90,000 (or $148,408) per annum for her efficient services. But with the Harry Potter star boasting a net worth of approximately £23 million (equivalent to almost $40 million), you might think that paying 90,000 for a feeling of safety is quite the bargain!

[Via – Entertainment-Wise]