The shape of things of come? Major US agency has signed up a computer-generated model

As every fragment of the world is being taken over by technology, it seems like even the modeling world wants a piece of the cake. A Los Angeles start-up is claiming to have designed and developed the world’s first ever 100% computer generated female model. The model has apparently been signed up by an international model agency.

Spark CGI’s pixel creation is truly extraordinary. Daisy Paige, a nineteen-year-old creation of the tech start-up has garnered some attention, which brought her to Lipps LA, a digitally focused celebrity agency. Lipps LA will market her alongside a plethora of globally renowned celebrities, influencers and models.

Scott Lipps, President and Founder of Lipps LA commented, “We are super excited to partner with Spark CGI and be one of the first to merge tech and fashion in the digital space, representing digital CGI models. We are just scratching the surface with this technology and we’re psyched for what’s to come.”
Of course, the entire concept of a digitally-developed model has created a market of its own, as brands are eyeing custom characters to advertise their products.

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