The world we live in – Jeff Bezos’ 3 minutes in space got more media coverage in one day than climate change got in the whole of 2020

Jeff Bezos is on his way to world domination. The Amazon founder and entrepreneur has even outdone climate change as far as visibility in the media is concerned. Well, at least that’s what a recent analysis by Media Matters has revealed.

Via – Media Matters

The figures were derived after taking into consideration three US broadcast shows, Good Morning America, This Morning, and Today. They noted that Jeff Bezos’ trip into space received 212 minutes of coverage on 20 July, while the dangers of climate were discussed for 267 minutes throughout the whole of last year.

This shows that Bezos’s coverage in one day made up 86 percent of the climate change coverage that channels emitted in the whole of 2020 when ideally, it should have been the other way around. The results also point out the Media’s off-the-track priorities while reflecting on the skewed viewership trends.

Commenting on it, Evlondo Cooper, senior researcher for Media Matters for America’s climate and energy program, in an email statement, said, “The corporate TV news business model relies on capturing and holding viewers’ attention through entertainment and outrage.”

He further added, “This is a big problem as the news that should be driving daily coverage, such as climate change and its impacts, is often deemphasized or ignored as a result. The heavy coverage of Bezos’ vanity space flight launch is a clear illustration of this trend.”

Speaking on the need for highlighting climate change into the mainstream, Cooper also pointed out that research has shown that good climate reporting can galvanize public action. He added, “It’s not a zero-sum game: cover Bezos or cover climate. Corporate TV news must commit to sustained climate coverage that informs the public about climate change and viable solutions. That’s the only way we hold polluters and public officials dragging their feet on climate action accountable.”

Well, we second that!