Inside Antilla the world’s most expensive home

And you’d enter a space woven like a tapestry, shining like a thousand million suns. Ornate mirrors, sweeping chandeliers, steel beams and Indian woven rugs dot the interiors of Antilia, energy tycoon Mukesh Ambani’s 27-story, 400,000-square-foot Xanadu in Mumbai. Drawn to comparison with the Taj Mahal, what lies beyond the stacked cubic in glass is pure opulence and it deserves all the press-ly rabidity. Kept in neutrals, this is Asian contemporary style at its best with no two floors alike in either plan or materials used, and yet with a blend of serious architecture and refined style that gives this paradise a feeling of consistency without monotony. Of course that’s what paradise is made of, isn’t it? Beauty that’s joy forever and you can see exclusive photographs of this slice of paradise on Vanity Fair (June issue, 2012).

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Above the 6 storey parking lot, what begins as a lobby leads to a ball room, 80% of the ceiling of which is covered in crystal chandeliers, and oh did we tell you it has silver covered dual railing staircase! An interior that flushes cream and wood and amber accented with just the right amount of classic bling, this is the sprawling home to the Ambani’s where newer designs are seamlessly contrasted with an Indian setting: an incorporation that pours out taste from every pore.

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