To take full advantage of wealthy vaccinated seniors flocking to Florida. Donald Trump has more than doubled the membership fees for his exclusive golf club near Mar-a-Lago to $350,000

Donald Trump is known for his shrewd business acumen. And in leaving no stone unturned to earn an extra buck, the former president has reportedly doubled the initiation fee to his West Palm Beach golf club to make the most of the current situation.

Earlier, members were required to pay an initiation fee of $150,000 to start a $25,000-a-year membership, with food and drink at a minimum of $1,800. However, they will now need to pay $350,000 for the exact same perks.

The hike is planned in line with wealthy vaccinated seniors relocating to Florida as well as Trump’s move to Mar-a-Lago full-time. As part of the deal, members will continue to have access to 27 holes of palm fringe and the chance to entertain friends and family in a clubhouse adorned with magazine covers featuring the club’s owner and sporting memorabilia.

Commenting on the fee hike, Laurence Leamer, Palm Beach expert and author of a book on Mar-a-Lago, “My first thought was that that’s impossible. But at [Mar-a-Lago], my friends there say new members are coming in. They have to be real Trump believers. It was half empty. It’s not half empty anymore, ”he further added, “These are people able to write a check for $350,000 and think nothing of it.”

Looks like Trump may not have lost all of his supporters just yet!

[Via: Dailymail]

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