Tom Cruise’s disposed coffee cup is up for auction, what next

Everyone is aware of the crazy fan following of Tom Cruise. The paparazzi follow the star wherever he goes, and his every single move becomes headlines. But when I came across this latest auction of another one of those things touched or used by Tom, I was definitely surprised. There has to be a limit to this madness. A guy who goes by the screen name Rafael Mak is auctioning off a cup of coffee disposed of by Tom Cruise! The crazy guy has included pictures of him picking the Matte Leao cup out of a rubbish bin and the disposable cup sealed in a plastic bag. This is just crazy and disgusting and also extremely unhygienic! The authenticity of the sale has, however, been contested. Underneath the advert, a poster screams, claiming they have the real cup used by Tom and that the auction is fake. I hope this ‘rubbish’ auction finds no bidders.

But after hearing about Scarlett Johansson’s tissue being auctioned for $5,300, I won’t be surprised if this rubbish cup sells for more! So all you potential bidders make your bids at the Brazilian website Mercado Libre.

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