Two richest presidents of America – John F. Kennedy and George Washington

Presidents are the ones who keep your economy safe from economic mishaps, but American presidents seem to be filling in their houses before looking after their democracy. A survey into property, savings, salary, inheritance, and royalties of 43 presidents at their peak according to the current dollar rate by the Atlantic magazine brings forth staggering numbers. Topping the list was the already rich JFK, whose value came to a stunning $1 billion, While George Washington, with his huge land and slave holdings, came second with a wide margin of $525 million.

Other big guns from Uncle Sam’s land worth over $100 million include Thomas Jefferson at $212 million, Roosevelt at $125 million, Andrew Jackson at $119 million, and James Madison at $101 million. While President Obama is lying at a humble $5 million, let us wait for him to leave office before reaching any conclusions.