‘Under her umbrella………

When you are on your way to X-Factor auditions , your X-factor gotta remain intact too. Especially if its with the help of tons of make-up and hair styling. I guess it is with this thought that Cheryl Cole hired an umbrella holding chaperone. The Girls Aloud singer was sheltered by a burly colleague to protect her pristine hair and make-up from the rain as she arrived at a Cardiff event centre. No kidding! but considering her diminishing frame was there much on her to protect anyway? Onlookers were surely surprised by this diva like behaviour of hers. Fan Lucy Rider, 19, said: ‘I couldn’t believe when I saw her walking in with someone else holding her umbrella for her.

“But I guess after all those hours in make-up getting ready for the show she couldn’t risk it getting ruined by a spot of rain.”
And her umbrella-holder was really careful to make sure she didn’t get a drop on her.
I think she’s a bit more of a diva than I gave her credit for – I think a couple of years ago she could have managed to carry her own brolly!’ Well that is how it is in tinsel town. I wonder what song will she be singing there? ‘under my umbrella’ I guess!

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