Victoria Beckham flaunts David on her gold iPhone designed by Stuart Hughes

We are all ardent fans of Stuart Hughes. His designs have attracted several stars and teamed up with many others who have an eye and sense for style and vogue. The latest to add spice to his list of top-notch clientele is Victoria Beckham, who has been spotted flaunting a $35,308 24-carat gold iPhone 4. The former Spice Girl, who is reportedly pregnant with the star duo’s fourth child, apparently is still so much in love with her husband, football icon David Beckham that she has a picture of his on her screen – topless!

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Since splurging is a favourite pastime of the Beckhams’ this doesn’t come as such a big surprise – only that having a topless picture of her much-loved and admired husband on the phone screen is just a tad bit much.