Victoria Beckham flaunts her $120,670 Himalayan Bag as David makes his debut for AC Milan

Wondering how to please the woman who has everything? Just follow the footsteps of footballer David Beckham, who used all his star power to buy his wife an exquisite Christmas present. David showed his love for Victoria by gifting the lady with an exclusive designer Birkin Himalayan bag studded with hundreds of diamonds. The sparkling silver bag is one of a kind and features a three-carat diamond on the lock! Victoria sported her latest gift as she watched her husband mike his debut for AC Milan in Dubai. The diamond-studded bag is reportedly priced at a whopping £80,000 ($120,670) and is one of only three in the world!

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I bet a lot of women are already craving for this unique designer accessory. But here is a piece of news: The waiting list for a Himalayan like Victoria’s has closed, with those already on it having to wait four years. Better luck next time ladies!