Victoria finally finds the perfect accessory: Loewe ‘Calle’ handbag

Guess who has finally found the perfect accessory? Shockingly, it is none other than Mrs. Victoria Beckham. Yes, the same lady who would never be caught flaunting the same accessory twice. It appears that Mrs. Beckham has finally found a bag to match her trendy wardrobe. The lucky bag is a designer Ostrich-skin called Loewe ‘Calle, worth $10,000, and Victoria seems quite happy to carry it wherever she goes. Just big enough to fit everything she needs, it matches her style perfectly. Sporting the handbag for the second time this year at an airport, Victoria managed to match her entire outfit with the black bag (wearing a black tuxedo outfit and matching gloves).

Well, it looks like hubby David needs to come up with a gift better than the Loewe Calle to impress his fashion crazy wife this Valentine’s Day. Suggestions anyone?

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