Video – Learning the tricks of the trade from an Instagram Influencer

The land of Instagram is perhaps one of the most interesting ones! As glamorous, it is equally enigmatic, just how in the world can an ‘influencer’ get paid to travel business class, visit exotic destinations, dress in designer clothes and dine at Michelin restaurants. Needless to say, this is extremely lucrative and many have actually quit their jobs to do this full time.

One such influencer is Meghan Young. A mountaineer by passion and lawyer by profession, Meghan left behind the world of law in March to become a full-time influencer. How did it all begin? Well, having a passion for nature and mountaineering, Meghan often went on treks and adventures, discovering the planet one mountain at a time. After posting spectacular pictures of her travels on Instagram, she slowly developed a fan following, and soon a number of companies became keen to pay her as part of their marketing strategy.

Over time, Meghan began to understand the power of social media and the ability for her passion to now pay for her lifestyle. She now earns anywhere between $500 and $1,500 for an Instagram story and post respectively. She has a following of almost 200,000 followers and endorses renowned companies like Swiss Air, Neutrogena and Singapore Airlines. Her husband is extremely supportive of her job; he too yearns for travel and adventure and is excited with the idea of it.

While most believe the grass is always greener for an influencer, Meghan lifts the lid on this particular vision. She believes the world seldom sees her as a real person which leads to users posting nasty comments. More so, the pressure of accomplishing a certain number of likes is definitely exhausting; after all, your lifestyle depends on someone else double-clicking your post.

Granted, it’s a wonderful world out there. After all, technology is the future and possibly, influencers are the next big thing!


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