VIP-identification technology identifies celebs and high-net-worth shoppers

The digital age is on, and we are very much a part of it. With everything going viral, it’s but natural for every brand to turn on their digital side. Brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Burberry and even Audi has already adopted the trend, and we hear many other brands and stores are also succumbing to the prevalent age. Not only that, even IT solution providers are up and about creating the most viable software that promises the best shopping experience. A recent addition in the software world is a face recognition system that alerts retailers of approaching celebrities. The VIP-identification technology has been created by NEC IT Solutions.

The software identifies a face, takes various measurements of it, creates a numerical code known as the face template, and cross-checks it against the in-built client database. Once it finds a match, an alert is sent to the staff via computer, iPad, or smartphone. This alert includes details like the name, dress size, and preferences of the approaching client. Thus, the staff can be well-prepared to attend to the client (VIP/Celebrity) better. The software also works accurately if the customer is wearing a hat, scarf, or sunglasses. Quite impressive, isn’t it? This certainly seems like the apt way to provide personalized as well as improved customer service.

The VIP-identification software is being tested in many stores and even hotels in Britain, America, and the Far East.

[Via – Telegraph]