Warren Buffett donates about $2.6 billion to Gates Foundation along with other charities

Warren Buffett, the multi-billionaire, is known for his kind-heartedness in giving away huge amounts to charities, a major part of it going to the Gates Foundation. The investment guru has also been involved with philanthropists Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, urging wealthy Americans to pledge their wealth towards charity. At least 105 of the world’s uber-wealthy have joined this select group. True to his word, the billionaire has been keeping his words through actions. His recent donation amounts to more than $2.6 billion in stocks to five charity foundations. Of these, the bulk, more than $2 billion, went to Warren’s favorite charity – the Gates Foundation.

The rest of 1.22 million shares, worth about $140 million, went to his own foundation and other charitable organizations set up by his three children. The billionaire also gave 1.75 million shares, worth about $201 million, to the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation’s honor of his late first wife.

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The donation has been part of Warren Buffett’s plan to give away a bulk of his wealth before he dies.

[Via – Latimes]

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