Warren Buffett’s charity lunch sells for a record breaking $3.5 million

Every year Warren Buffett’s charity lunch breaks records and raises the bar for charity. This year a generous bidder forked out nearly $3.5 million for a private lunch with the Nebraska billionaire. That is almost a million more than last year’s winning bid of $2.6 million. After offering a distinctive amount of $3,456,789, the winner opted to remain anonymous. The auction benefits the Glide Foundation, which helps the homeless in San Francisco. In the past 13 Glide Foundation auctions, Buffett has raised $11.5 million for the same cause. And if you are wondering that wealthy folks offer such astronomical amounts only to discuss money business, then correct your thoughts as it’s Buffett’s business brilliance and remarkable record of investment success that draws the bidders on to this path of charity!

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