Wedding Extravagance of the Liz Arun Wedding

Arun and Liz may have become man and wife but their wedding frenzy has yet to die down. With rumors flying rife in the Indian subcontinent that celebrity gawkers were willing to dish out up to tens of thousands of dollars for an invite, one really has to wonder if the hype was worth it. “Over 600 bottles of champagne,” screams one headline, lapping up info regarding the couple as if they were a part of the Indian society since the Mughal Empire. Tzars and fashion divas descended upon the royal palaces of Jodhpur to celebrate in traditional Indian style. The A-list international guests from the Texan social queen Lynn Wyatt to Elton John’s partner David Furnish rubbed shoulders with local Bollywood stars like Preity Zinta. That’s a totally different story that the Indian society circles knew little or nothing about the happy couple before the media frenzy hit this side of the Arabian Sea. The buffet tables laden with local dishes and colorful handspun ice cream or the saris worn by distinguished guests like Princess Marie Chantal of Greece were the real showstoppers.

Living up to her element, Liz Hurley herself dressed in her favorite European designers, switching from a pink Donatella Versace wedding “sari” to a scarlet and gold Roberto Cavalli dress, as she was carried on a cart like a Rajput princess up the parapet of Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort. She wore a white goddess gown designed by the British designer Jenny Packham for one of the occasions. Indian designer Rohit Bal designed Nayar’s tailored coat and its mini version for Hurley’s four-year-old son, Damian. Now that the wedding is over and the paparazzi out of the way, the Indian desert state of Rajasthan wonders when it will be next bombarded with another celebrity wedding.

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