Will.I.Am to shoots his Mona Lisa song in Paris’s Louvre musuem

American recording artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, voice actor, DJ, record producer, and philanthropist, will.i.am, is a man who certainly has a lot to his name. The artist has broken trends yet again; this time while shooting for his upcoming song entitled Smile Mona Lisa. As per reports, the artist requested for special permissions to enter the Louvre museum in Paris at 2.a.m. to shoot a sequence of the song in front of Leonardo da Vinci famed brainchild, the Mona Lisa.

Speaking to Telegraph, U.K., will.i.am said, “That song touches me because I recorded a large portion of that song inside the Louvre, next to Mona Lisa’s picture. They let me go to the Louvre at 2am to record the guitars for that song. I wanted to capture the ambience of the Louvre that Mona Lisa lives in. That was exciting, to walk through the Louvre at 2am with the manager.” The artist is indeed one of the most popular from the world of American pop music and previously, we’ve featured iPhone accessories and a luxury soaked Volkswagen Beetle unveiled by him.

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[Via – The Telegraph]