Will Smith stuns New York with gigantic trailer, The Heat

When you are as brilliant an actor and showman as Will Smith, it is only natural to have the best wherever you go. For the shooting of Men and Black III in New York City, the star gathered more attention thanks to his double-decker ‘titanic trailer’ called ‘The Heat.’ It is all of 1,150 sq ft long and costs $9,000 per week. It features two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments in the city and an all-granite bathroom. It also features a 50-inch plasma TV or 37-inch TVs that pop up from cabinets, a 100-inch roll-down movie screen, marble floors throughout, offices for his assistants and writing staff, a large bedroom all-granite bathroom.

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Inside, the vehicle has a full service kitchen with arched windows, Italian cherrywood cabinetry, makeup/wardrobe space, a lounge with a bar and also enough space for 30 people to hold a meeting. The trailer has 22 wheels and weighs around 30 tons.

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