You can now go on a date with Ivanka Trump for $16,500

There is just so much a person can do with a couple of dollars stashed up with them. While donating the money to those in need or selfishly indulging in getaways or shopping sprees might be some of the top preferences, there are some unusual fellas out there who would rather spend it on a date with Ivanka Trump (Daughter of our beloved or not so beloved President-Elect – Donald Trump).

For strange men who wish to pay that kind of money (read thousands) for some quiet time with Daughter Trump, here is your chance. Charitybuzz, an online charity bidding forum has recently rolled out an offer for dotting Ivanka fans that gives them a chance to enjoy a coffee date with the lass. As of now, eight boys have made their bids, with the highest one scaling up to $16,500! While you may laugh at the man’s silliness for shelling out that kind of cash, the estimated value for this date is actually $50,000!

Even if you pay the full $50k, the date will come with its own set of conditions. The winner will have to travel either to the Trump Tower in New York City or the Trump Hotel in D.C (at their own expense) to commence the 30-minute date. Further, the Trump Organization reserves all rights to cancel the meeting without a refund if they think you violated the terms of the agreement for the meeting. The only good part is this drill is that the money will eventually go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, but that again will be routed through the Eric Trump Foundation. Well, here’s hoping the price to bear the Trumps finds its way to the real cause!


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