12 foot long Carbon Fiber Table stands elegantly on one leg

The best part of carbon fiber tables is that you could really experiment with the design aesthetics and make it defy the law of physics- Remember the carbon fiber sheath table from Australia that balanced on four thin legs? We have managed to spot something similar and even more outrageous than its previous counterpart. This 12-foot-long absurd carbon fiber dining room table has only one leg! It is conspicuously named Monolito and Megalito by British designer Jules Sturgess, and it leaves a lot of room for wonder to take over!

Manolito and Megalito have a dramatic, angled design supported by a huge slab that keeps it anchored to the ground. The base and the top are separated by an obtuse angle, giving the structure enough leverage to keep it from collapsing.
The table narrows down to 5 mm thickness towards the end, so guests seated on that end may be having a stiff back from the fear of rupturing the table. All the delicateness and ostentation doesn’t come cheap; the table retails for $50,500, and only 25 of these will ever be made.

[Gizmodo and Julessturgess]

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