A $225,000 “Peony” Table Lamp from Tiffany Studios

On a good calm evening, when you’re having a quiet cocktail party with your close friends, low lights can accentuate the finer point of your furnishings and exquisite furniture too. If you agree, you need lamps that can blend well with your décor, check out the “Peony” table lamp from Tiffany Studios. This glass and bronze lamp has a glass shade made in the lead and mottled shades of purples and blues and ornamented with several multi-colored peony blossoms. The lampshade is further decorated with three lower rows of mottled green “rippled” glass tiles, placed on top of a painted bronze “Onion” base. The lamp is 18inches in diameter and is 23inches tall, and is priced at $225,000.

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