A cozy and classy bioethanol fireplace Bio-oh! by Puur Vuur Belguim

With winter coming in a few months time, this seems to be the perfect time to expand your home décor with a cozy fireplace. And the fascinating world of fireplaces comes with several diverse options. You can get a TV Fireplace, a Eco-friendly indoor fireplace or one outdoor, an outdoor garden fireplace, a waterfall-cum-fireplace a chic fire-place chest, fireplace hot seat, an opulent Swarovski-studded fireplace, a modern fireplace, a widescreen designer hearth or futuristic fireplaces. If you want minimalist set ups you can get rotating fireplaces attached to media centers or rotating fireplaces with a TV cabinet. But if you are the eco-friendly kind and prefer something that is easy on the carbon footprint, but is yet not boring, the bioethanol fireplaces by Puur Vuur Belguim called as the Bio-oh! Fireplace is just the thing you need.

It’s perfect for any house as it can fit it anywhere because it doesn’t need a chimney to be set up. The fire that flickers is clean flickering bioethanol flame. Measuring 50 to 90cm comes hidden within a stone setting of your choice. And because of its low fuel consumption it can burn for up to 20 hours at a stretch!

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