A pair of ornamented elephants will bling up your luck for $9 million

Elephants symbolize wisdom, strength, good luck and prosperity in many cultures. Strategically placed elephant figurines in your house are believed to bring good luck. Apart from their auspicious significance, elephant figurines are also a collector’s dream. Currently on sale is pair of intricately carved ceramic elephants, which can be pride of your collection. Standing seven feet high on carved wooden plinths, these ceramic elephants in majolica are richly hand-painted, ornamented with gold and complete with gilded howdahs.

Crafted by the Minton factory in Staffordshire, England, for The Great 1889 Exhibition in Paris, these unique pieces are currently on offer by David Frosdick, founder of www.milliondollardandy.com, with a price tag of approximately over $9,000,000.

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