Ad-hoc Lounge Chair for the eccentric lifestyle

I definitely enjoy buying bizarre pieces of furniture that add some style to my living room. And one designer that definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to unique and eccentric pieces is French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. And the latest creation by this designer has definitely impressed me again. Known as the Ad-hoc Lounge Chair, it was designed by the designer for Viccarbe. A simple handcrafted chair resembling a spider web or a cute and cozy nest is definitely appealing. The exquisitely handcrafted armchair is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Just imagine how perfect this chair would look on your green lawns or right next to your fireplace. The brass structure is available in lacquered white, black, or orange epoxy. But if that is still too common for you, you can opt for the special 24k gold finished chair by shelling out a few extra dollars. No matter which you pick, this one is definitely a beauty.

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Priced at $5,150 and $8,060 for the gold finished version, this one is another eccentric chair with an equally eccentric price tag.

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