AI Stool sells for little less then $20,000

What do you think AI stands for in the name of this extraordinary furniture AI Stool. I couldn’t answer that correct without reading more so if you have it correct as Artificial intelligence then you are a genius buddy! Designed by Assa Ashuach, the AI Stool is laser sintered as well. Using a combination of 3D tools, Assa has collaborated with a programmer that wrote software in which you only need to feed the parameters and the rest is done automatically. Let me make it more simple for your – Assa creates shape and determines the precondition of a certain spot on the stool having the load capacity of 120 kilos. The software generates the structure that is suitable for that, a quite delicate structure as such. The next step for Assa would be influencing the pattern of the structure itself. So it’s a perfect amalgamation of new intelligent materials and design aesthetics. Rollover to know its extraordinary price tag too……

Offered in a limited edition of 30 pieces, AI Stool carries a heavy tag of $19,800.