Al Fresco Egg Chair with a metallic shell

We are passionate about great contemporary designs and can’t help but talk about it! The perfect addition to your loft or retro lounge, the Egg chair does not only look hip, but it’s also built for comfort and relaxation. Peter Ghyczy has redesigned this 60’s classic look to suit the present day. The elliptical design is a modern throwback to vintage vogue. Its distinctive egg shape is an intrinsic feature that, when closed, ensures the seat is completely weatherproof, thus making it ideal for outdoor use. This versatile piece of furniture is also portable and lightweight, allowing the user to change its position on a whim. The shell of this egg chair is silver metallic lacquer, while the comfortable cushion is upholstered in a durable fabric available in an array of vibrant colors.

This lightweight, al fresco furniture can bring contemporary flair to a deck, patio or balcony for £1375 or US$ 2,663 at DesignShop UK.
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A bit more comfortable solution is to buy a beanbag chair or this extra large love sac for your room.

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