Alloy Design teams up with Karim Rashid for the Decorative Metal tiles

When Karim Rashid lends his expertise to any brand, you can expect the result to be stunning. Hence it is no surprise that the Decorative Metal Tiles designed by the designer in collaboration with Australian Company Alloy Design are nothing short of amazing. The exceptional collection comes in eight decorative designs (Flux, Infinite, Karma, Kismet, Ninja, Kink, and Ubiquity), each a variation of recurring cells. Giving your walls a unique hi-tech look, these tiles merge to form a 3D pattern. Available in various materials, including steel, copper, brass, titanium, and raw steel, these tiles are sure to turn your walls into pieces of art. The modern, chic tiles are available for both outdoor wells as indoor use.

Sure to mesmerize one and all, these decorative metal tiles are truly a class apart. For more info. on these tiles click here.

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