Bejeweled Crowns and Coronets wallpaper is inspired by the Royal Wedding

When Diana and Charles were getting married, there was some anticipation, but Kate and Williams is just a drag story. Nonetheless, retail folk cannot remain behind in competition and so come up with all sorts of wedding paraphernalia. Graham and Brown’s are not one to sit back and watch the fun and have announced their very exclusive Royal Wedding Promotion. Customers can get 20 percent off on a selection of ‘Royal’ products. One is the Crowns and Coronets wallpaper, which is just that – black crowns and coronets on a white background. Interestingly, this comes with the option of adding the store’s self-adhesive ‘Royal’ jewels. They come in different sizes and include rubies, emeralds, onyx, diamonds, gold, and sapphire.

This promotion also offers a selection of interior paint from the ‘The Colours that Made Britain Great’ collection including ‘Princess to Be’, ‘Jewel in the Crown’ and ‘Cool Britannia’. Wonder how many will actually purchase these.
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