Billiard dining table unites playing and dining on one platform

If you love playing billiards and having friends over, then the Parigi and Cabochon billiard dining tables by MBM Billardi are just for you. Just remove the top panels of the dining table and there you will have yourself a billiards table. Modern yet aesthetic they are best suited for contemporary homes. The tables are crafted from seasoned wood with the elements of billiards fashioned by numerical control machinery for precision. Cabochon billiard table is made of carved wood and has an inset oval crystal mirror, which is held together by aluminum frame. While each leg of the table is cast in silver metal.

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Another great looking option is the Parigi, which is crafted from beech heart-wood and its internal frame fixed with painted steel contour. It’s completely detachable and the available cushions are perfect for the traditional “Italian” game, Pool, International without pockets, Snooker and Russian pyramid. Its frame and borders are in finished wood, while the cover that is also finished in wood can be divided in four pieces. For the legs on can choose from different options that of varnish wood, gloss lacquering wood or hand-made covering of wooden legs with silver / gold leaf. Apart from these tables MBM Billardi also has more classic table models to choose from.

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