Bombay Sapphire Vapour Infusion Piece by Moritz Waldemeyer

Bombay Sapphire pushes their creation to the next level for the Bombay Sapphire Design Bar at this year’s Salon de Mobile. Their latest innovation created in collaboration with London based designer Moritz Waldemeyer called the Vapour Infusion is quite a unique sculpture that fuses light and fragrances with delicate style. It ideally recreates the special distillation process that is used to create the premium gin which is accented with hues of its signature blue bottle. The Bombay Sapphire Vapour Infusion Piece is a 2.4 meter high sculpture that replicates the Bombay Sapphire bottle with its intricate curves and over 2000 10mm thick LED light, with a complex lighting system in place.

A perforated copper ring compartmentalized into 10 parts holds botanicals extracts to create the vapors. These include juniper berries from Tuscany, cubeb berries from Java, and Grains of Paradise from West Africa. When heated, these extracts create a light mist (vapor effect) and act as a room freshener. Did someone mention the need for chic aromatherapy options?
Thanks Nicola Jones