Brocantique Antique Foosball table for $15,000

Ever thought of indulging in a game of luxurious Foosball? If you think that there is no way this game could be a part of the luxury items, think again. The exquisite Antique Foosball table by German craftsmen of Brcantique is sure to redefine the way you play this sport. It is so beautifully designed; it is bound to add a touch of class to your room. This table is definitely unique with brightly polished art deco figures strung on silver rods, and framed with dark wood artfully tanned leather.

The German craftsman refined the old pieces from a brand named Swinnen Automatique and fabricated with great attention to detail, this unique table. Guess there is just no stopping the luxury product maker. This marvelous antique table is priced at $15,000. So all those interested in a luxurious game of Foosball, this definitely is a good investment.

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