Car Bars- zoom up your party

We all are versed with the fact that car and alcohol is an illicit mix-up. However, we are absolutely sure that this Car Bar is certainly legitimatized. Home bars and cocktail bars have become popular and attractive additions to the American home. Car Bars are guaranteed to add a large dash of nostalgic prestige to any party. Car Bars are full-size replica fronts of some of the classiest and most iconic cars ever made – the Chevrolet, Corvette and the Rolls Royce. These outstanding car bars will add an extra oomph to your home and drive your guests wild. Imagine yourself serving your favourite beverages from behind one of the finest motors in modern history!

Furthermore, each model boasts a fully shelved bar and lights that actually work. With dimensions HWD 1060x1660x610mm, it gives the impression that an actual car has barged into your living room wall from outside. For the price of $2,800, you may not park one of these finest cars in your garage, but you can definitely décor your living room with one this luxurious car bar.

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