Carbon Fiber Chair is an arty piece of furniture for your den

If diamonds are defined to be every girl’s best friend then it’s justified to state that carbon fiber is almost every man’s best friend. Men drool over anything that has carbon fiber on it. Be it cars, bikes, tables, chairs, watches or even a backgammon game, this new luxe material ups the oomph factor with subtleness. The 270 carbon fiber chair priced at $8,700 is the latest addition to the list. The 270 centimeter line that forms the chair lends this piece of furniture its name. Though it merely weighs 36lb, it can hold up to 2000 pounds with ease. Guess that’s enough if you are not intending to sit a young elephant or a rhino on it. Roll over to read about its features…..

· Carbon fiber exterior with a fiberglass core
· Part of the luxury furniture collection from Espacio Sami Hayek
· Glossy finish
· Made in the USA
· Thickness: 1/4 in (6.4mm)
· Weight: 36lb
· Dimensions: 26″ L x 16” W x 38″ H (66cm L x 40.6cm W x 96.5cm H)

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