Carré ViiiP 2011, the French version of Big Brother goes grand with luxury brands

We have all heard of the hyped Big Brother in the UK. The French version has taken the whole thing very seriously this year. Otherwise, there is no real reason to explain the uber-luxurious sets they have chosen. The furniture used seems to be yelling out in style, designs, and not to mention grandeur. The ViiiP Carré 2011 has some very established designers pitching in their designs and products, namely Slide, Vange, Forscarini Diesel, and more. Along with the Tam Tam gold stools and Vidame Creation shelves, the set boasts of a sprawling tiger skin! Majestic glasses by Leonardo, contemporary furniture by Vitra and Vange, a very well equipped kitchen by Bugatti and KitchenAid, accessories from Cristel and Peugeot are a part of the high-end decor.

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We are sure the contestants will have the most luxurious stay of their life!

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