Chest of drawers

If you’re a regular American movie buff, then you would have seen these men in the movies who don’t like their mess being cleared up and totally loathe clean environment. There are many like these in reality and I don’t blame them for being this way. It’s just about familiarity and the attachment to anything you are used to. If you belong to the “messy” category of people, you will surely love this. The “Chest of drawers” is an epitome of the poetic usage of words. 20 recycled drawers of different sizes, colors, and shapes are haphazardly stacked together with a giant mover’s strap. Each of these drawers is numbered and signed by the (grungy) designers who created them. (More so because you will thank them for understanding and creating your messy requirements).

Chest of Drawers cost a massive $28,200. Decide if you want to buy it or change your lifestyle.