CHIMO By Blomus is a chic Fireplace

Stylish new fireplaces without a chimney are the latest trend these days. So here is a look at another genius flueless fireplace that promises to heat your room with its chic design. Known as CHIMO, it has been created by Floz Designs and manufactured by Blomus. Designed to appeal to all those who have a liking for something unique and out of the ordinary, this fireplace will appeal to all who would love to own a fireplace without creating a hole in the wall. This sleek fireplace impresses with its slender stainless steel silhouette. Running on ethanol fuel is a great eco-friendly product that heats your room without a chimney.

Priced at €1,610.40 ($2,052) and available at, this beautiful fireplace is a must have in every home. The dimensions of this hot beauty are 84 x 30 cm.

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