Cleopatra Chaise Lounge from Alemanno

Shuffling between various activities during the day wears out every woman and she sure needs a rejuvenating lounging. The Cleopatra Chaise Lounge from Alemanno is a sensational hand-crafted limestone lounge chair with natural heat radiation. Designed by Dr. Med Billingham, an eminent doctor of hot stone therapy claims that this chair is designed primarily for people concerned with their health and wellness. The chair provides gentle radiating heat from the chair composed of a single block of limestone. An optional thermostat ensures that the warmth is targeted correctly which can control three independent heat zones at the legs, hips, and shoulders.

The Cleopatra Chaise Lounge chair can be used indoors or outdoors as your moods suggest and is available in three timeless designs. With it’s organic concept and elegant design, Cleopatra lounge chair manages to be an exceptional and innovative piece.