Cloud Bed- the Canopy style!

While today canopy beds are considered stylish, their roots lay in a far less glamorous past. It’s awesome to see a re-imagining of the canopy bed. The Cloud Bed by Courtney Skott is an innovative and impressive take on the conventional four-poster bed – with pixilated clouds! Moreover, it’s mobile which effectively means that it’s a room of its own. Ms Skott was inspired by Ming-dynasty era Chinese canopy beds that created a separate intimate space within a room. The canopy design was derived from photographs of clouds she took on a vacation to Patagonia.

Made by hand from laminated stacked plywood, the bed took about a month of planning and modelling, and then a month and a half of 16-20 hour days to build. For the price $18,000 achieve a bitmap look out of wood, to make it look like clouds of whatever is in the background. The word canopy is taken from 14th century France’s canopy, meaning bed curtain. This traces back to the Latin conopeum, and before it, the Greek konopeion meaning couch with mosquito curtains, all derived from konops, a mosquito or a gnat. If there is a silver lining behind every cloud, then mosquitoes and gnats have one as well — they gave us the ever-elegant and long-loved canopy bed, here for centuries before us, shrouding our dreams into the centuries ahead.

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