Colico’s LED-lit sofas promise to be the highlight of your living space

Who says lighting should be restricted to your ceiling and walls only? Defying all norms and redefining the usage of lights are the beautiful LED-lit sofas from Italian company Colico. The unique sofas meld modern technology with fashion. Giving a whole new look to a sofa and elevating it from just a fixed decor element to a stylish piece, this piece of furniture features a classic couch shape adorned in contemporary graphics and highlighted by LED accent lighting. What is more, with a click of the remote control, you can change the LEDs’ color and create any mood or ambiance you desire.

Besides all these features, the Asami Light sofa also boasts of a modular design that lets you go as big or as shapely as you need to. Whether you keep the lights on or off, this unique sofa promises to light up your living space.
Sure to be the highlight of any room, this LED lit sofa is sure to add a unique touch to your room. For more information on this sofa click here.

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