CONFETTI LIGHT – a disco ball chandelier

This CONFETTI LIGHT took me back to my childhood days. I clearly remember decking up my brother’s tennis ball with glitter paper and then festooning it with small round pieces of mirrors (the kinds that are used for kid’s craft projects). All this labor was done for some fun in the evening when we (me and my friends) would gather in the living room (with lights off) for a disco party. I would engage my younger sis to hold the hand-crafted disco ball in front of my table lamp to give all the shimmery light effects. But all this can be much simpler these days with stuff like CONFETTI LIGHT. Coming from Swedish design house FRONT, the clustering of the numerous mirror balls add a cosmic feel. The moment you set your eyes on this chandelier, you’ll yearn for some foot-tapping music too. Wanna dance?

Sad to know that there’s no info about its availability or pricing.