Contemporary outdoor furniture…arty yet stylish!

Interiors often reflect on the kind of person you are. Whether it a messy room or a beautifully done patio your house speaks volumes of the kind of person you are. If you have been in the lookout for the perfect outdoor furniture to add an even better touch to your home then look no further as we detail you on the contemporary outdoor furniture by Horchow. Don’t be surprised if questions like, “where did you pick this fine sculpture or what a fine piece of art” is thrown at you, it truly looks like one and it probably is no less. The sweeping Horchow chair profile is created by a single bending line that allows you to comfortably recline. These wonderful looking chairs are made of fiberglass and metal and it boats of a beautiful sheen of colors. If the summer I preventing you from stepping out then break open the doors as this is specially designed for heat retention and is comfy even in the summer heat.

The collection comprises of a chair, table and chaise which measure 24″W x 39″D x 40″T, 43″Dia. x 19″T and 24″W x 70″L x 46″T respectively. While the chair and table will both cost you just $1849.00 (each) the chaise will come for $ 3,099.00.

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