Corridor of Mechanical Corpses for more or less $12,000

If you are looking for something that is can be termed as the most horrifying stuff to splurge on then Corridor of Corpses Deluxe is just appropriate. It is an unbelievable combination of scenic detail, animated and motorized characters in one Corpse themed walk thru attraction. Every inch of every wall panel is detailed with 3-dimensional skeletal polyfoam characters and stone work. Everywhere you look motorized Zombiette characters have come alive and are embedded into the very walls. As you walk thru pneumatic scares attack you from every angle. (7)pneumatic scares- ( (2) Static poseable Skeletal gate Characters and CD ROM SOUNDTRACK

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Everything is modular so you can get a tailor-made version of Corridor of Corpses to suit your floorplan and budget. It is heard that costs about $12,000 (plus-minus accordingly).