Crystal bricks shaped like gold bars add a rich glow to your decor

When you set up the look and feel of your home, the opulence of décor reflects your personality. If you need to start somewhere, the Aurum collection is a perfect thing for you. If you need to do up a large room, the 96cm x 96cm x 87cm Aurum 1000kg traditional installation is a nice option. Crafted using an American Black Walnut base, the piece sports sixteen layers of sixteen individual stacks of well sculpted crystal that is illuminated. The piece is priced at £35,000 ($57,000) and offers delivery and installation costs.

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For smaller setting, you can check out the 25cm x 38cm x 29cm Aurum 20kg Traditional sculptural lighting system. Set on a similar American Black Walnut base, this one features five layers of increasing crystal bricks from top to bottom. Priced at £1,800 ($2,900), you can opt for a variety of hard wood finishes that can be “sanded down to 1500G with 5 layers of hand polished finishing wax”.
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Via – [YankoDesign]

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