Cubrik 16 Wall Sconce: Squared Illumination

Geometrical lighting fixtures seem to be the order of the day, making itself a significant part of the term “contemporary lighting.” Consider the Cubrik 16 Wall Sconce featuring a nickel frame with 16 adjustable square panels and an internal diffuser. The Sconce was a nifty design by Antoni Arola for Santa & Cole Light (2005), where each panel of the lamp can be turned to create different lighting effects depending on the mood. This way, the Sconce makes an amusing lighting scheme alongside providing more luminosity than the regular lamps.

The Cubrik 16 is also available as a Pendant or Table lamp, while the Cubrik 36 and 100 aims to light up larger areas. Cubrik 16 Wall Sconce retails for $2,200 and Cubrik 36 & 100 retail for $1,880 & $3,200 respectively.

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